Drilcorp workers with a local MP as they show support for local borehole businesses | Drilcorp

The Labour MP for Easington has paid a visit to Drilcorp – an established borehole drilling and engineering company based in Seaham.

As an avid supporter of the Green Deal and sustainable energy, MP Grahame Morris visited to learn more about how Drilcorp’s services can contribute to the UK achieving its climate change targets.

During the General Election campaign, all main parties re-affirmed their commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2050. The UK also has a legally-binding target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 100% by 2025. As part of this, the Ground Source Heat Pump Association will put five requests to the government this year. They will campaign for financial support, the establishment of installation targets, and development of professional standards for energy efficiency and low carbon heating in the building and heat supply trades.

As specialists in the drilling and installation of open-loop and closed-loop geothermal systems, Drilcorp is keen to raise awareness of how ground source heating provides an economic route to on-site renewable energy. The technology used can last hundreds of years, and help to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

David Gowans, Managing Director of Drilcorp commented: “It was a real pleasure to meet Grahame and show him around the business. Given that climate change demands urgent action, we are grateful for his support as the heat pump industry promotes its policy agenda within government. We hope he will be successful in pushing for a more sustainable future.

“70% of the UK’s heat is produced from natural gas, and the decarbonisation of heat and cooling in homes and businesses is essential to delivering the targets. We want to show the government that getting behind heat pump technology can revolutionise the energy industry.”

David continued: “As a long-term infrastructural investment, heat pumps can enable the UK to fulfil its environmental pledge. In addition to offering the lowest possible operating cost, heat pumps will become lower in carbon emissions over their lifecycle. This happens as the electric grid is decarbonised further.

“Heat pumps offer huge potential for our region. Increased awareness and installation will undoubtedly boost our business and our local supply chain. In turn, this will bring substantial money into the North East and create high-quality job opportunities.”

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