A practical and reliable method of estimating well performance

Test pumping is a practical and reliable method of estimating well performance, well yield, the zone of influence of the well, water quality and aquifer characteristics (i.e. the aquifers ability to store and transmit water, the size of the aquifer, the presence of any boundary conditions and possible hydraulic connection to surface water).

ISO 14686:2003 is a code of practice, generally meant for use by professional Hydrogeologists and Borehole Engineers, which describes the factors to be considered and the measurements to be made when designing and performing a pumping test.

The main objectives of a pumping test are: –

  1. To determine the maximum quantity of water available from a borehole
  2. To determine the maximum sustainability of water available from a borehole
  3. To assess the impact of the proposed abstraction on other nearby abstractions or water bodies
  4. To obtain aquifer properties such as permeability or boundary conditions
  5. To determine any variation in water quality

Phases of Borehole Test Pumping

Test pumping is generally carried out on newly constructed commercial boreholes for licensing purposes under Environment Agency Regulations – ‘Licensing Groundwater Abstractions including Dewatering’

Test pumping is regularly carried out following rehabilitation on a borehole to determine the success of the operations (generally to ascertain new yield values.)

The tests fall into six main phases all of which will be specified in the Environment Agency Form WR32 ‘Consent to investigate a groundwater source’ or SEPA equivalent.

  1. Pre-test monitoring
  2. Equipment Test
  3. Step Tests & Recovery
  4. Constant Rate Pumping Test
  5. Recovery Monitoring & Recording
  6. Factual report (Interpretive Report if required)

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