Domestic Water Supply Borehole

There are many reasons for considering having a water supply borehole on your property. Your spring may be becoming unreliable during dry weather or contaminated by animals upstream. You may already have mains water but be at the extremity of the supply line and have a low pressure at peak times. Or you may simply wish to be independent and free from any of the issues that can arise from being dependent on the mains water supply. 

A water supply borehole will overcome these problems by providing a reliable, consistent flow of clean water with constant volume and pressure. 

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Domestic boreholes: the benefits

If you live in a remote part of the UK, have a volatile mains water supply, run a small farm with high water bills or just like the idea of being free from the constraints of a water company, a domestic borehole could be the solution for you.

Whether it is for washing facilities or drinking water, switching from mains supply to a private water supply can offer many benefits. These include:

  • Major cost savings
  • Constant flow and pressure even during peak demand periods
  • Reliable water quality
  • Reduced reliance on external supplies

Understanding domestic water supply boreholes

Drilcorp classifies a ‘Domestic’ water supply borehole as a borehole that does not require an abstraction licence. 

In England and Wales, an abstraction of up to 20000lt/day (20m³ or 20 tonnes) does not require a licence.

(As a very rough guideline a family of four will use less than 1000lt/day and a dairy farmer with 400 head of cattle will use less than 20000lt/day). 

In Scotland and Northern Ireland, the allowance is 10000lt/day (10m³ or 10 tonnes). In Scotland however all boreholes need to be registered. 

It is usually a once in a lifetime event that someone buys a water supply borehole and therefore it is important that the procedures and cost implications are made clear at the outset. 

At Drilcorp we handle everything from legal searches and documentation through construction, installation of pumping equipment, commissioning, analysis of the groundwater produced and installation of a treatment system where necessary. 

To save costs you may wish to carry out trenchwork from your property to the borehole location for water pipe and electricity cabling. 

Turn on the tap

When complete, all you need to do is turn on the tap and you will have water on demand.

For further information please complete the contact form below and we will answer any questions you may have and provide a budget no-obligation quotation for your consideration. If you are interested, we will then arrange to visit your site for a survey of the proposed borehole location and detailed discussion on your exact requirements to firm up our offer.

If you are happy with this offer, we will require that you sign a contract to proceed. You will be given a full 14 day cooling off period to change your mind (or longer provided we have not commenced  mobilisation to your site).  At no point will be pressured into any agreement.

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