A water supply borehole can be a major asset giving a constant supply of good quality water at a high pressure at a given flow rate. Here at Drilcorp we have constructed water supply boreholes for a range of clients including farmers, hospitals, golf courses, distilleries to bottled water companies and public utility water supply companies who are all enjoying a more profitable bottom line thanks to successful borehole drilling from our expert drilling engineers.

Unsurprisingly, borehole maintenance is of paramount importance. Drilcorp’s ‘borehole engineering’ division (BES) specialises in borehole maintenance and refurbishment.  Much as a new car or boiler comes with a service schedule in order to keep it in top condition, it is worth considering a care plan for your borehole.  It’s a well-known saying that prevention is always better than the cure and this certainly applies to borehole engineering. Tending to small niggles and issues with regular maintenance can save you a fortune in future costs for expensive repairs if these issues spiral.

Cleaning and Servicing

Boreholes need to be cleaned occasionally and there are two main ways that can be achieved; chemical and mechanical – we offer both. Chemical methods include the introduction of acids to break down calcium that can impede water flow and treatment to remove iron bacteria that can clog the borehole or screen.  Mechanically, boreholes can be cleaned using scrubbing and the Borestorer, our state-of-the-art high pressure jet washer that will leave your borehole looking ‘just drilled’.  We also offer a relining service to fix older boreholes that have corroded over time running the risk of contamination with dangerous bacteria. Groundwater from your borehole is delivered to the surface by a submersible pump. This is an electrical device which will occasionally need checking or replacing when it becomes worn.

Borehole Maintenance Plans

We offer three affordable service plans to ensure that your borehole performs at optimum level and you don’t incur big pay-outs through lack of regular servicing. Choose from Business Continuity, Scheduled Maintenance or Emergency Maintenance plan for complete peace of mind should a catastrophic failure occur. Contact us today to find out which plan would be the most suitable for your business.

Safety First

You should never try to service or inspect the borehole yourself, leave that to professionals (like us!) who have the correct specialist equipment, the most up-to-date health and safety procedures and insurance and who also, to put it simply, know what they’re doing! Contact us today to discuss the different ways we can help with your borehole remediation; from surveys and testing right through to decommissioning.

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