Verticality Survey

Hitting drill targets whilst also maintaining productivity is a challenge in the industry. Having access to quality survey data in real time is critical to meeting this challenge. Without it you run the risk of not knowing where the hole is going, or worse missing a target completely and thus wasting the cost of drilling the hole. Accurate and reliable survey data gives you the confidence to make informed decision on drill hole progress against the plan in real-time.

Most major water supply borehole tender documents specify that the borehole to be drilled must be vertical to 1:300. That means that at a depth of 300mtr the borehole cannot be more than one metre off vertical.

Drilcorp’s REFLEX EZ-TRAC 1.5™ gives instant survey data, as it is needed. This highly accurate magnetic survey instrument is capable of single-shot, multi-shot and orientation surveys.

We offer the service of surveying any borehole either during construction or previously completed.

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Drilcorp work with a number of prestigious clients from Local Authorities, Food and Drink Manufacturers, Consultants and Contractors and Water Utility Companies.

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