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When you need to extract water from the ground, there is really only one way to make it work – and that’s by using a high-quality pumping system.

Franklin Electric already has an impressive worldwide reputation for borehole submersible motors, but is perhaps less well-known for its range of pumping systems for submersible well and surface applications.

Franklin’s E-Tech range – available through its UK strategic partner Geoquip Water Solutions – offers a complete collection of submersible Stainless Steel pumps from 4” up to 10”, suitable for a variety of applications, including remediation, drinking water extraction, manufacturing, dewatering and decontamination.

The matching motor portfolio includes encapsulated and rewindable motors in the range from 0.25 kW up to 400 kW, plus a full line of 4” motors for single and three-phase voltages and various frequencies, up to 12” and 3300 V for large submersible motors.

Employing over 5,600 people worldwide, the Franklin name is synonymous with quality, service and innovation, a commitment which is matched by the Geoquip team.

At the Borehole Users Conference in Loughborough, where Franklin’s new High Efficiency Pump System was shown, capable of delivering increased efficiencies of between 20-30% above standard borehole motors, it attracted plenty of interest.

With direct access to Franklin’s manufacturing facilities across Europe, Geoquip is well placed to offer its complete range of high performance pumping systems, which combine the latest advances in pump technology with efficiency, reliability and robustness thus supporting key installers such as Drilcorp.

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Mike Deed, Geoquip


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