Some businesses use large volumes of water. Many business owners do not realise that there may be an alternative source of water available to them right beneath their feet and that tapping into this source can give a high volume, high-pressure supply of good quality water, constantly, and at a fraction of the cost that they are currently paying. Drilcorp can help you tap into this supply by professionally constructing a water supply borehole. We offer the full package of feasibility study, construction, testing, installation, commissioning, licensing, and maintenance leaving our clients worry-free while the process is being carried out. 

Myth Number 1 – Water quality

It’s commonly thought that water supplied from a borehole is of poor quality often because we automatically associate the ground with being unclean but in fact, the opposite is true. In fact, it is often the case that the water coming from your tap originated from a borehole!

Drilcorp has constructed boreholes for bottled water and water utility companies and the quality of the groundwater produced is naturally very high. Following the construction of a water supply borehole our  Borehole Engineering Services division will carry out a full analysis and a water sample will be sent to an approved laboratory for testing. Sometimes, the laboratory will recommend that water treatment devices are put in place, including softeners, reverse osmosis units, distillation, neutralisers, chlorination systems and ultraviolet or UV systems.

 Myth Number 2 – Boreholes are expensive

The initial cost for the construction of your water supply borehole is negated by the long-term decrease in over-the-top water bills, not to mention an improved energy rating on commercial and domestic properties as well as increased market value. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project needs.

Myth Number 3 – A license is needed, and this is very difficult to obtain

The Environment Agency regulations currently state that you will only need a license if you extract more than 20m³ of water a day in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. In Scotland, things are a little different. This is managed by SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) and the quantity before needing a license is 10m³. If this applies to you or your business, the whole licensing process can seem a little daunting but we’re fully equipped to guide you through the whole thing. We’re up to speed with all legal and licensing requirements for water abstraction. If required, we will handle all your licensing needs right up to the provision of the documentation in a bound folder for safekeeping.

Myth Number 4 – Boreholes last forever

As with any construction or piece of equipment, some maintenance is required to ensure smooth running and avoid excessive costs at a later date. Borehole maintenance is essential to the long-term life span of the borehole and a poorly-maintained borehole will likely incur future costs. This expenditure can be avoided by regular maintenance by a qualified borehole engineer and we have advanced cleaning methods to deploy including the Borestorer, our bespoke high-pressure jet washing system that will leave your borehole looking and working like the day it was first drilled. Contact our Borehole Engineering Services for all your remediation and refurbishment needs.

 As ever, get in contact with our expert, friendly team to discuss your drilling needs today!

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