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Borestorer® – Drilcorp’s Revolutionary Borehole Cleaning & Development Technology

Hole Report – December 2023

What is the Borestorer®?

The Borestorer® is a computerised ultra-high-pressure impulse jetting tool used to refurbish and develop boreholes to reach their maximum yield (specific capacity). The tool is a testament to Drilcorp’s commitment and investment to sustainable and advanced solutions. 

It features a high-pressure counter rotating jetting system with multiple jetting heads, which is lowered into a borehole on a 300 metre hose reel. The computerised jetting reel,  once programmed, will lower the jetting heads to areas of the borehole to be treated. These areas are identified with Drilcorp’s CCTV equipment prior to jetting. Clean water is pumped into the system. This water energises the rotating heads which rotate in opposite directions. 

When the jets overlap during rotation an impulse shockwave is formed that increases the velocity of the jetted water and allows it to penetrate deep into the borehole wall and clean out any blocked fractures into the bedrock that carry groundwater into the borehole. Sediment builds up and encrustation is removed from old boreholes. Filter pack behind screens is agitated to remove encrustation build up that cuts of the inward flow of groundwater into the borehole 

As the jetting process is carried out, a submersible pump is run simultaneously to remove loosened material leaving the borehole spotless.

Borestorer® is also used on newly drilled boreholes to remove drilling debris and smearing. This development work maximises the borehole yield (specific capacity) ensuring the borehole works to maximum efficiency from the beginning of its life. 

Boreholes that have been refurbished with the Borestorer® are often more productive than they ever were following Borestorer® treatment showing that they were never developed properly following construction. 

The Benefits of Borehole Cleaning with Borestorer®

The introduction of Drilcorp’s Borestorer® marks a significant leap forward in borehole maintenance. 

It provides a ‘deep clean’ and uses only clean fresh water in the process. 

Features and Benefits of the Borestorer®

    • The Borestorer® jetting process is capable of cleaning a 300m deep borehole very rapidly, minimising borehole downtime and allowing the borehole owner to have access to groundwater as soon as possible. 
    • It offers a non-chemical cleaning process, relying solely on clean water, which is safer for the environment and for the personnel conducting the cleaning.
    • The Borestorer® not only cleans but also contributes to the development of boreholes, enhancing their long-term efficiency and performance.

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Business Continuity Plans

Drilcorp offers a business continuity plan to borehole owners who rely on their borehole for their business processes. Regular planned maintenance can substantially prolong the life of boreholes, promoting long-term sustainability. By maintaining cleanliness and efficiency, water supply companies can ensure that their boreholes continue to provide high-quality water in the quantities needed to meet customer demands without the frequent need for extensive refurbishments.

To find out more about Borestorer® services provided by Drilcorp, please get in touch via or by calling 0191 5273970.


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