A borehole is a fantastic asset for many companies providing a low-cost, high-quality water supply at a constant pressure. However, over time a borehole may become clogged making it less productive and costlier to run.

Drilcorp’s innovative borestorer® deep cleaning process can rejuvenate a borehole, restoring it to a ‘just drilled’ condition and optimising groundwater yield. Borestorer’s® deep cleaning process blasts impulses of high-pressure water which penetrate screens, filter packs and far into the borehole wall effecting a deep clean removing built up blockages. Hard mineral encrustation, silt and biofilm are efficiently removed once again allowing groundwater to flow freely to the submersible pump often without the need for chemicals.

Borehole owners who wish to avoid unnecessary costs, or worse, unplanned shutdown of production can learn more about the advanced jetting technology of Borestorer® by contacting Drilcorp on 0191 5273970.

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