The innovation of a new piece of machinery is always an exciting time for any company. In 2018 David Gowans MD of Drilcorp identified a gap in the borehole cleaning market.

Current methods of borehole refurbishment either used chemicals which borehole owners were reluctant to introduce into their asset or used physical scrubbing techniques which did not provide a deep clean resulting in short term benefit.

Following extensive discussions with manufacturers in Europe and the United Kingdom, a blueprint was created for a high-pressure impulse jetting unit, which would revolutionise the borehole cleaning process in the UK, offering an alternative to scrubbing and chemical cleaning.

The concept specification stated that the computer-controlled unit must have a super silenced Tier4F low emissions engine to drive the high-pressure water pump. It must be able to clean boreholes up to 300mtr deep and up to 750mm diameter.

At the business end rotating jetting nozzles would create a high-pressure impulse shock wave that would clean encrusted casings and deep into the borehole wall through screens and filter material.


Design specifications completed; the bespoke unit was commissioned.

During the manufacturing process, Drilcorp’s marketing team worked with ‘RTC’, Intellectual property teams and graphic designers ‘Glow Creative’, to develop branding logo and name that would fit with the Company’s corporate image.

The chosen name was ‘BORESTORER’.

The logo represents the spinning jetting nozzles sending high impulse waves through the well-screen and deep into the wall of the borehole.

The Borestorer jetting unit was delivered to Drilcorp early this year and since then staff have been involved in extensive training and the machine has been tested and commissioned.

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