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Drilcorp: water well drilling companies Case Study

Client Name:

Environment Agency


County Durham and Northumberland

Description of Works:

CCTV and Flow Log Survey

The Environment Agency (EA) appointed Borehole Engineering Services to assist in gathering important information on a number of borehole assets spread across County Durham and Northumberland areas.

The borehole’s had recently been acquired by the EA with limited information on their condition and construction, many of which were of varying depths and diameters.

How the work was carried out:

Borehole Engineering Services were able to deploy their remote full colour 360 degree downhole camera to record key information on the construction and hydrogeology. Following CCTV a flow log tool was lowered into the hole to record important hydrogeological features.

This specialist equipment was mounted on a track-mounted vehicle to allow easy access in difficult terrain and allowed BES to carry out the works safely and efficiently.

Following the works a comprehensive report was completed to be included in the EA’s archive.

We discovered a video of the CCTV in action: A portable CCTV carrier to transport the CCTV to difficult access water wells, inaccessible places and over soft ground.

David T Gowans Estimator for Borehole Engineering Services Commented “the client followed the progress of works throughout and was delighted with the end results”

water well drilling companies case study

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