GES drilling rig used to install fibre optic cables and ground pressure sensors | Drilcorp

GES go back to University

GES working alongside Drilling Services were asked to carry out some works for a University in the Midlands.  The job involved installing fibre optic cables and ground pressure sensors.

The Fraste FS300 was out on site to drill large diameter boreholes with an 18 ton pull back, capable of reverse circulation, wire line coring with high speed motors. The rig on site cored to depths of 280 metres using a Geobore “s” wireline coring system.

The rig has 2 winches. The main winch with pull back of 2.5 ton and also the twin crown allows the rig to have a wire line winch for geobore capabilities.

Having drilled the core, the samples were sent to the British Geological Survey for analysis. The core was logged and packed for security by trained Drilcorp staff.

Along side the Fraste is a Massenza mi6 which was drilling to 30 meters, 6.5″ diameter for a monitoring well.

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