Since launch, there has been a great deal of interest in Borestorer’s advanced jetting technology high impulse method of cleaning water supply boreholes from borehole owners.

Our first Client, a major food manufacturer, owns a water supply borehole critical to their food processing operation.

The borehole was starting to cause some concern by giving a decreased yield and an escalation of pumping costs.

With their busiest production period approaching, the thought of having a catastrophic failure of the borehole was inconceivable as it would temporarily shut down their production line causing lost revenue and increased water costs from the utility company, prompted them to seek the help of an experienced borehole contractor.

Drilcorp  a leading company in the UK for borehole maintenance, were contacted to see what could be done to ensure the borehole was in a good working condition for the demanding season.

A team of engineers from Borehole Engineering Services the division of Drilcorp specialising in borehole maintenance, has carried out a detailed CCTV inspection of the borehole and it is clear that the stainless-steel well screen is severely blocked with mineral encrustation deposited over many years.


The fact that the cleaning operation will mean minimal downtime and will provide a deep clean without the need to use chemicals has convinced the Client to try out this innovative technique and an order has been placed.
The Borestorer high pressure impulse jetting method of cleaning the borehole has been offered to the Client as an option for clearing off the encrustation and replenishing the borehole yield.

Works will start shortly when the Client has a planned break in production.

Watch this space and we will keep you informed on the outcome……………..

Do you have a water supply borehole that is crucial to your business? Why not give it a health check? It could save a lot of future problems.

Boreholes are our Business

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