Fantastic Job Opportunity


Drilcorp is expanding and looking for enthusiastic trainees to become our next generation drillers says Dave Gowans, Managing Director of Drilcorp. This job is not everyone’s cup of tea he says, long days generally working away from home and in all weathers. However, for someone who is ambitious, self-confident and hard working it can provide an ideal career with many opportunities. Dave goes on to say, I started as a young lad in 1970 and after 50 years I am still in the business. In the meantime, I have worked in many countries including the desert of Saudi Arabia, the bush of South Africa, the jungle of Borneo and the Botswana Kalahari to name but a few.

Drilcorp works throughout the UK generally with small teams of drillers often in remote locations drilling for water, geotechnical exploration and ground source heating.


Anyone who is interested in joining our team should have a positive attitude, be able to read and understand basic instructions and complete hand written forms, be computer literate and have a full UK driving licence. The right candidates will be trained in our trade and after several years of training should be able to run their rig and crew independently. The job may be boring holes but it is anything but boring and every new borehole is a new challenge. Always different.


Please send your cv to info@drilcorp.vm if you are interested.


We cannot offer you canoeing up a river in Borneo or waking up to lions in the Kalahari but you never know where this job will lead.



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