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Water Borehole report for country home buyers.

There are many properties in rural areas without mains water; these could run cost effectively on water borehole or springs. If you are thinking about purchasing a property without mains water it may be worth having a risk assessment carried out on the water supply from source to the property. The risk assessment will determine water quality and condition of the equipment used.

Borehole Engineering services (BES) were recently asked to carry out a risk assessment on a water borehole as the client was considering selling their property. The risk assessment identified that the borehole headworks were below ground in a field at the foot of a hill. The headworks were not sealed allowing surface water to run into the borehole contaminating the water. The riser pipe was constructed from galvanised steel which was heavily encrusted with iron deposits on the outside and partially blocked on the inside restricting flow from the pump to the property.

Refurbishment Works.

A detailed report was submitted to the property owner who instructed BES to carry out the upgrade required.

Remedial works consisted of,


  • Borehole pump removal and inspection
  • Full chlorination of the water borehole,
  • Extension to the top water borehole lining pipe bringing it 300mm above ground level in line with Private Water Regulations (PWS),
  • Construct an above ground manhole chamber fitted with lockable cover to secure supply
  • New DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate) approved plastic riser pipe was installed instead of the old galvanised steel riser
  • New head plate fitted, sealing the aquifer ensuring no surface water could enter the borehole
  • Service of existing filtration equipment.


On completion of the works water samples were taken from source and submitted for analysis. These results produced high levels of iron & manganese which were covered by the filtration system installed in the property.


Buying a property with a Private water borehole supply?

Buying a house can be a traumatic experience, but a property without mains water can be worrying and may put potential buyers off.

Most people have only ever used mains water however once you become aware of the benefits a water borehole can provide it often becomes very appealing.


  • Most water boreholes provide constant flow, pressure & quality of water
  • Never worry about hosepipe bans and droughts
  • Savings on utility bills

They do require maintenance & servicing to keep them at their optimum efficiency; that is why a risk assessment is essential to identify any defects or contamination issues before you buy your property, as this could lead to costly repair bills.

If a risk assessment is carried out before you purchase a property, potential problems can be identified and rectified saving you money.

If you are selling a property you could engage Borehole Engineering Services to carry out a risk assessment to identify any potential problems with your private water supply before you put your property on the market. This action could speed up the selling process and also allow you to get full market value for your property.



Things you need to know before you buy a property with a Private Water Supply.

  • Will the water source be owned by you?
  • Is the water supply shared with other properties? (if shared who pays for its upkeep?)
  • Is there a maintenance contract in place?
  • Is the supply a spring or a borehole?
  • If the system is fitted with filters you need to know what process is carried out by each and when they were last serviced (from the outside they all look the same)
  • Current and past water analysis
  • Maintenance logs, any previously work carried out?
  • Are there any specific drawings of the borehole and the equipment installed in it? This may include pump size and manufacture water levels etc.
  • Who do you contact if you have a problem with the water supply?


If you’re looking at buying or selling a property in the country with a private water borehole supply and would like some expert advice, one of our experienced engineers will be more than happy to discuss things in greater detail with you.

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