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Restricted Access Drilling

With a travelling height of 1400mm, erect height of 2800mm and width of 1000mm Drilcorp GES Premier drilling rig can access really tight locations and has been used in a variety of situations including service tunnels deep below the streets of London and even people’s front rooms.

The Premier is a Multi-purpose drill rig capable of auguring, DTH, coring, casing advancement systems, SPT and U100 / Dynamic sampling.

This miniature machine has a very low centre of gravity allowing it to be used on uneven ground.

Features include

  • remote track control system
  • 12000 kg hydraulic casing / sampler jacking unit
  • Vertical hydraulic mast slide (400 mm).

Dimensions and weights.

Length 2800 mm

Width 1000 mm

Height 2800 mm to 3800mm

Weight 1400 kg

These dimensions allow the rig to access buildings through a standard door way

Winch and head capacity

Winch capacity 750 kg

Drill head retract 2500kg

Hoist speed 40 m/min


12000 kg Casing / sampler jacking cylinders (mast mounted)

Rotary outputs

Air / water swivel with NWY / 2 3/8″ API reg output

Percussive device

Automatic DPSH / SPT Penetrometer carriage 63.5 kg x 750 mm fall x 35 blows/min

The rigs design enables it to be transported to any position and has been successfully used on a number of jobs where extra costs and time have been saved due to the rig being hand portable.

Its versatility has recently been used in utility tunnels in London for the National Grid, Shallow coal mine assessments , shop fronts and on tight footpaths where access was an issue.

If you would like more information or to hire please contact Scott Burt at GES on 0191 5273970.


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