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Drilcorp have recently joined the Ground Source Heat Pump Association. (GSHPA)

The Ground Source Heat Pump Association shares best practice, provides benefits to members, promotes high standards in the industry and provides information on technical standards, training codes of practice and promotes sustainable use of the technology in the industry.

Members include installers, designers, consultants, borehole drilling specialists and suppliers to the ground source industry.

The Governments targets on renewable energy have an impact on developers, builders and installers. Ground Source heating provides one of the most economic routes to providing on site renewable energy. They have very low running costs and the Thermal Energy Storage capacity of the ground allows Ground Source Heat Pumps to be used efficiently both day and night. The technology used to install the systems can last for hundreds of years and the reductions in greenhouse gasses are great.

Ground Source Heat Pump systems offer the opportunity to recycle heat energy. The heat energy can be captured when it is freely available in the summer, stored in the ground in autumn and then released to heat buildings in the winter when it is most needed.

Unlike any other form of Renewable technology, the power of the heat pump can be reversed in the summer to provide cooling in a building.

Drilcorp are specialists in the drilling and installation of open loop and closed loop geothermal systems. All of our field staff are trained to a very high standard via our internal training system ensuring all installations meet design specifications. We only use the highest quality installation materials to ensure the longest service life possible for each geothermal system.

Grants are available via the Renewable Heat Incentive. This is a financial encouragement to install ground source heat pumps in commercial buildings. More information on this can be found on the Ground Source Heat Pump Association website.

Some of our recent projects to install Ground Source Heat Pumps include:

Royal Festival Hall

London School of hygiene and tropical medicine.

London school of economics

Bidborough House (Camden Council Offices)

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