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Project Background:

Brougham Bridge is a three-span masonry arch bridge crossing the River Eamont adjacent to Brougham Castle near Penrith and a popular tourist attraction. The structure was built in around 1813 and is a good example of an early 19th century turnpike bridge.

The structure suffered significant damage as a result of Storm Desmond in 2015 and has been closed and subject to repair since then.

The English Heritage and Cumbria County Council began a recovery programme of works of £750,000 to repair the bridge back to its former glory with modern engineering improvements. Due to the fragility of the bridge and the risks it posed to the public, specialist engineering and stabilisation works were required to minimise the risk of serious injury.

Description of the work:

Consolidation of the infilling to 18th Century masonry bridge with a natural cement, grouted by positive pressure, pressure grouting.

GES were required to drill 8 vertical boreholes through the road and bridge construction to a depth of 6 metres at a minimum diameter of 88mm for bridge stabilisation works.

How the work was carried out:

Drilcorp GES mobilised to site with our small multi-purpose Premier rig and TMAC. The 8 boreholes were inserted with grout tremie pipes and injected and infilled in ascending stages with a natural cement ‘Prompt Grout’ to the clients specification allowing them to complete their works.

This was a nice project for the team and made a change to the hustle and bustle of the city with picturesque views across the country and the surrounding castle gatehouse and “Tower of League”.

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