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Flood contamination in drinking water boreholes. -Borehole Maintenance

In light of the recent flooding in the UK, all borehole users should beware of the risks to health associated with contaminated water wells. Areas of concern are domestic dwellings, farms and industry with private supplies. The potential for downward migration of contaminated flood water is high in water abstraction boreholes meaning the spread of illness through the water supply is possible.

Michael Bushby contracts Manager for Borehole Engineering Services commented “We have all seen the television reports and interviews from homes and businesses highlighting   the mess left behind by the flood waters. This could range from silt, refuse and even sewage which courses through these properties. The big concern of course is that these contaminants can and are running into unprotected boreholes”

If your water supply is from a borehole or a spring and your area has recently been flooded, check to see if there is any chance of flood water entering your borehole or if any contaminated water has entered your spring at source. If the answer is yes, water that was once suitable for drinking may now be contaminated. If you already have filtration in place it may now be unsuitable. Have your water checked by a professional!

Michael Bushby also commented, “Borehole users who supply third party properties with water need to be aware, this water needs to comply with private water regulations. If your source is contaminated and the third party becomes ill through non-compliant water supplied by you, then you can be held accountable and open to prosecution.”

Boreholes that have been installed without a seal around the top could now be subject to contaminated flood water entering the aquifer; this could not only contaminate your borehole but be passed on to others through movement of water.

Borehole Engineering Services can help clean out contaminated sources with its unique method of vacuuming the boreholes clean. They can also chlorinate the borehole ensuring the termination of germs which breed in the flood water present in your borehole. Samples are then drawn and tested, giving you the assurance that your water is once again fit to drink.

Michael Bushby commented “by modifying the sealing arrangement around the top of the borehole and bringing your borehole in line with the private water regulations, contamination could be prevented.”

If you would like more information regarding the above or any other borehole related problems please contact Borehole Engineering Services, a trading division of Drilcorp Ltd, our team of experts will be on hand to deal with any questions or enquires you may have.



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