European brewery

Description of work

Drilcorp was recently contracted to drill, install, develop and test pump a new water supply borehole for a leading European brewery.

This contract required drilling a 330mtr deep borehole sited in a particularly confined area. The compact radio remote controlled Beretta T151S Drilling Rig was chosen to carry this work out.

Drilcorp’s previous track record on this type of project enabled them to satisfy the Client’s rigorous qualification procedure and a strong working relationship was soon developed between the technical teams of both parties to arrive at an agreed specification and programme for the works.

The close proximity of residential properties on the perimeter of the drill site could have been a problem if noise from the works was not strictly controlled. A special acoustic panelled fence around the site along with carefully selected silenced plant and controlled hours of operation overcame this potential problem and even resulted in compliments from the residents.

How the work was carried out

The finished drilled diameter of the borehole was 350mm and fitted throughout with stainless steel casing and screen. The centralised screen was surrounded by special filter sand which was settled and developed using airlift techniques.

On completion, Drilcorp carried out a pumping trial to prove the yield and sustainability of the borehole. This consisted of installation of a test pump, equipment testing and a 28 day constant rate test by Drilcorp’s technical division Borehole Engineering Services then carried out a 28 day constant rate pumping test to ISO 14686 – 2003 to prove the yield and sustainability of the borehole. A factual report was accordingly provided to the client for their records and the British Geological Survey was notified of the construction details. Throughout the project Drilcorp utilised their team member’s specific roles and responsibilities to ensure the smooth running of the project. Furthermore, wholly satisfied with Drilcorp’s work, the client has since commissioned Drilcorp to carry out further works at other locations.

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