Borehole Engineering Services was recently awarded a contract to repair problems that had developed on a public water supply borehole in the Somerset region.

The water quality of the borehole had deteriorated and the client needed an investigation into what had gone wrong along with proposals and costs for remediation.

Stage one was to remove the submersible pump which was fitted to Wellmaster Flexible Rising Main in order to gain access to carry out a geophysical survey.

A suite of Geophysics was then carried out including gamma, resistivity, conductivity, calliper, flow, temperature, and CCTV in order to gain as much information as possible.

The geophysics showed that the existing lining had deteriorated and was allowing contamination to enter the borehole.

The borehole needed relining. Borehole Engineering Services recommended a WRAS approved plastic liner be installed with the annulus fully grouted to preclude any contamination from entering in future. The company designed an intricate method of installing the lining without causing any reduction in the yield and bringing the supply back online and returning the borehole into an ‘as new’ condition.

Borehole Remediation

The pump was serviced and all installation was cleaned and disinfected before reinstallation.  A pumping test was then carried out to determine the yield and water quality was found to be excellent when tested in an approved laboratory.  The client commissioned a new headworks and plinth for the borehole to bring it fully up to specification.

The operation was carried out to exact specifications and completed in time with the agreed programme of works. The client was delighted that they now had a rejuvenated borehole yielding top quality water and modified to current standards.

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