Authorised Specialist Grundfos Dealers | Borehole Pumps

Drilcorp Ltd and Borehole Engineering Services, a division of Drilcorp, are now specialist Grundfos dealers and we are able to offer Grundfos’ innovative, sustainable technology at excellent cost savings to our valued clients.

We are able to specify and procure borehole pumps and motors from several suppliers and often do with our driving force being getting the right pump for the job at the right price and more often than not our partners at Grundfos are able to deliver. We offer a great range of pumps from new to ex-stock, all at affordable prices.

Borehole pump installation

In house we stock pumps to cover most installation requirements. Ordinarily with our in house capabilities we are able to get your well pumping water with a near immediate turnaround but when you have a unique or bespoke requirement, Grundfos and our specialist installation teams are able to turnaround your project as economically and effectively as practicable.

With annual production of more than 16 million borehole pumps and a major factory on our door step you are never more than a phone call away from a replacement unit whether it is as a back-up or as an emergency callout.

Personally as a specifier and procurer of water borehole pumps with Grundfos’ resources, back up and technical know how I am more than happy to specify the units. Ultimately I guess I am confident that I am supplying my clients with an ideal solution to their unique requirements at a more than affordable cost.

For more information contact a member of the team on 0191 527 3970 they will be more than happy to help you decide which Grundfos borehole pumps are best for your water supply.

Author: Matt Dale

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