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Drilcorp Drilling Services (DDS) carries out all large commercial waterwell drilling operations. The division also constructs boreholes up to 1000mtr in depth for mineral and shallow oil exploration and coal mine methane extraction. Large diameter boreholes up to 1500mm (5 foot) can be constructed using our specialist reverse circulation drilling machines.

Large Diameter Boreholes for Waterwells

Large diameter boreholes are used for commercial sized water production wells, mine dewatering and ventilation. A full service is offered to our clients ranging from design, construction, installation, development, test pumping, commissioning and licensing.

Expert Engineers

DDS team of expert engineers are dedicated to providing an unrivalled level of service to our clients in a timely, professional and cost effective manner.

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Exploration Mineral, Oil & Gas

Mine Dewatering & Ventilation

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