New Strategic Partnership for Water Industry

The Institute of water are the only professional body solely dedicated to careers in water. Earlier in June they announced that they were forming a strategic partnership with EU Skills. The partnership will help to promote competence, skills and career development for those working in the water industry.

They will work together to improve the sector and to attract new trainees and senior leaders to the industry. They will actively promote water careers and help to make the standard in the sector one of excellence and welcome the input of other water industry bodies to join them in the partnership.

As part of their commitment the institute have already implemented induction training and an online e learning course for those people already in the industry. Course graduates will have the chance to become part of the Water community and will be added to a skills register held by Energy and Utility Skills. This will further enhance the industry and enable employers to verify the skills of the workforce from a trusted source.

Some of the careers in the industry include:

Water Treatment Consultant

Lanoratory Support Technician

Water and Gas Monitoring Manager

Drainage Engineer

An introduction course to the water Industry has already been planned with dates available in Leeds, Coventry and Warwick. The course is over two days and will cover:



  • Learn about all the functions involved in the delivery of a water service
  • Gain a comprehensive overview of the UK water industry
  • Identify the key drivers and economic value chain in the water industry
  • Expand their existing knowledge of the water industry
  • Explore issues affecting the future of water service provision in the UK and beyond.

For more information on careers and the institute visit their website.







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