M is for Maintenance and Monitoring

As with any other structure a borehole may occasionally need maintenance. Borehole Engineering Services can carry out a range of services from planned maintenance to emergency repairs.

There are many reasons why a borehole may need maintenance.

A build-up of iron bacteria can block the fissures and screen preventing groundwater entering the borehole.
Natural deposits of mineral within the groundwater can block fissures over time.
The submersible pump can become worn and not as efficient as it should be when new.

Rather than wait for a catastrophic failure which may result in production downtime or plant closure it may be prudent to plan routine maintenance before there is a problem. Just as you would with your boiler, gas appliances, or car, keeping it serviced keeps it running longer.

BES provide a business continuity plan on completion of all waterwells and can also put together a bespoke plan for the future requirements needed to implement a maintenance programme.A planned programme can include some or all of the following.

Electricity Usage Monitors- these measure how much electricity the pump is using.
Flow Output Monitoring can be installed to determine if the pump is producing the volume of water it is capable of.
Water level monitoring will determine if the borehole or screen is becoming clogged.

BES offer a full health check of your borehole which if done regularly can assess in advance if something is in the early stages of failure.

Our other services include

Aquifer Testing

Water Treatment

Submersible Pump Replacement

Mains upgrade or replacement

Headworks Upgrade

CCTV Surveys

Borehole Risk Analysis

Chemical and Mechanical Cleaning

Relining and Refurbishment

Borehole Abandonment and Decommissioning


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