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When the trade division of Drilcorp specialising in borehole maintenance are tasked with carrying out remediation works, the job isn’t always directly over a borehole and more often than not our specialist engineers are tasked with working remotely or at a distance. Recently, we were approached by a soft drinks manufacturer to remove an existing pump from one of its boreholes, check for any problems and install a new rising main and pump. 

When the team arrived on site it was found that the main challenge was the location of the borehole, as Mike Bushby, Borehole Engineering Services Manager explains: 

“The borehole was situated in a very difficult to reach small garden area, with steps down and close to a wall. I was assured that the pump had been successfully removed previously but we obviously needed to think very carefully about how the work could be managed with the minimum of fuss and expense.”

Borehole maintenance in hard to reach areasThe Drilcorp team chose to use a Laval R-CAM 1000 XLT borehole camera – also secured via a tripod on the roof. With the benefit of two cameras – offering both a down view and a side view – it enables the user to pan around the borehole 360 degrees to get a clear picture and identify where any damage may have occurred.

Once a clean bill of health had been established, the final part of the work was to install the Wellmaster rising main, which also went up and over the neighbouring building via a roller on the roof. The head plate was then cleaned and replaced.

Mike concludes: “When faced with more challenging projects such as this, it’s really important to work with equipment which is both adaptable and portable. The Laval camera is exactly that and we find it is an essential piece of kit for working in the field.

“Similarly, the Wellmaster flexible rising main system is known for its strength, portability and adaptability and it certainly ticked all the boxes on this occasion. Utilising the roof to anchor it as we carried out the installation would have been impossible with any other system and it meant we were able to complete the job on time and on budget which, given the challenges, was a great result and the customer was very pleased.”

Is your borehole located in a tricky spot? Not a problem, there’s no challenge too difficult for the BES experts; boreholes are our business. Get in touch today for all your maintenance and remediation requirements.

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