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The Drilcorp management team decided in 2022 that to move ahead strategically, the company would target the closed loop drilling market. This is to service the rapidly growing government push for zero carbon emissions and the removal of gas boilers as a form of heating as soon as possible. This market demands high production with small diameter 200mtr boreholes often constructed daily.

Following extensive research on drilling rig manufacturers, it was decided that Dutch manufacturer Conrad produced a rig that would be ideal for this application and an order was placed for a Combi 300 model. The rig would also complement Drilcorp’s specialist water supply borehole work. The rig had a one-year lead in period from date of order which was placed June 2022.


Conrad Combi 300 – 16ton pullback

Conrad Combi 300 Drilling Rig | Drilcorp

Benefits and features of the Conrad Combi 300 include:

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Rubber track mounted for minimal damage to ground surface.
  • 360-degree turntable between crawler carrier and drilling rig.
  • Stage V (Euro 6) engine silenced. Automatic shutdown to idle speed when not in use.
  • Radio remote control functions.
  • Drill pipe manipulator for adding/removing drill pipe for operator safety. 300mtr drill pipe on board.
  • Fully computerised and remotely accessible by the manufacturer for fault diagnosis.

Transport Dimensions (LxWxH) & Weight

  • Dimensions – 9.0m x 2.35m x 3.1m
  • Weight – 16 ton + drill pipes (4.5 ton)


Ready to go drilling

Our machine has now arrived and is ready to go. It is going in at the deep end with it’s first project being a 600mtr deep monitoring borehole. Geothermal will be next.

To find out more about Geothermal Drilling Services provided by Drilcorp, please get in touch via or by calling 0808 175 5228

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