Equipment Specifications

Drilcorp owns and maintains a first class fleet of drilling rigs and associated equipment. Rigs are generally mounted on rubber tracks and range from small cable percussion and rotary machines capable of entering delicate confined areas to take samples for Site Investigation, Environmental Assessment, Exploration, Dewatering, Groundsource, & Domestic Water Wells through to heavy duty machines capable of drilling deep [1000mtr] or large diameter reverse circulation boreholes for Exploration, Coal Mine Methane Extraction and Commercial Water Wells.

The Company owns a variety of ancillary plant such as specialist high pressure pumps, and track mounted air compressors  and a wide range of in-hole drilling equipment such as Geobor S wireline [over 2.5 kilometres], core barrels, augers, hollow stem augers, CCTV and Verticality survey equipment and considerable aquifer testing equipment.

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Click the links below to download our Equipment Specifications.

DCR 12 Beretta T44

DCR 3 Massenza M16 Truck Mounted

DCR 4 EGT-VD710_3

DCR 17 & 2 Massenza M16

DCR 18 Conrad Comax

DCR 19 Beretta 151S

DCR 23 Fraste FS300

DCR 5 Massenza MI8H

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