Drilcorp’s Drilling Services

Drilcorp’s Drilling Services (DDS) is an established division of Drilcorp Ltd offering many borehole related services, one of which is their dedication in providing excellent advice and guidance to commercial borehole users and those in the commercial sector wishing to install a borehole for water supply.

Our full range of services include design, construction, installation, development, test pumping, commissioning and licensing. Our team of expert engineers will provide a service in a timely and professional manner that will prove cost effective to the client.

The rising cost of mains water is having an increasing impact on many companies that have a high water usage. These costs can account for annual water bills in excess of tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds.

DDS’s Methodologies have given our clients significant operational savings: These client sectors are wide ranging and include, Food and Drink Manufacturers, Breweries, Pharmaceutical firms, Hospitals, Caravan and Holiday Parks, Golf Courses, Sports Stadiums, Public Utilities and The Environment Agency to name a few.

Water supply boreholes like any other construction may from time to time require some maintenance. Our Borehole Engineering Service (BES) specializes in troubleshooting just about any borehole related issue. BES can offer you a ‘Business Continuity Plan’, or a routine ‘Maintenance Plan’ that will save you money in the long term by ensuring you don’t encounter down time due to maintenance issues.

Drilcorp’s Drilling Services offers unparalleled experience working on high profile projects across the UK and worldwide.

We will provide the best value for money in the industry

We will quote accurate and realistic delivery times and will endeavour to complete agreed services on schedule

We will keep our clients fully informed throughout the works process on works activities

We will do in every respect what we say we will do

We will provide a fast and efficient backup service when required

We will promptly inform and consult our clients in the event of any changes in specification deemed necessary at any stage during the works process.

For further information on Drilcorp Ltd and the services we offer please log onto our website www.drilcorp.vm

Boreholes are our Business

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