Drilcorp continue their investment in staff training.

Like any company training and development of staff is key to the success of the business and to the wellbeing and safety of their employees. Drilcorp staff are the backbone of our business and we continue to invest heavily in training our workforce in all aspects of Health and Safety needed to comply with the changing environment.  Regular updates and refresher courses help us to keep things on track and to ensure that we always meet our commitment to Health and Safety.

October and November has been no exception and Drilcorp staff have received training in the following disciplines.

National Water Hygiene training has been carried out for the following candidates; Barry Maddison, Jake Caldecott, Leon Burey, Stuart Craig, Richie Cleave and Kurt Miller.

DOMS training has been carried out for Barry Maddison, David T Gowans, Matty Pearson, Ken McCarthy, Darren Jobson and Kurt Miller.

Manual Handling has been carried out for Josh Ainsley and Andy Taylor.

Emergency First Aid Training has been carried out for Richie Cleave and Kurt Miller.

QEST Manager Dave Hastings said “The DOMS course is a requirement to work on sites in Scotland. Our BES team members have received this training over the past 3 years, and it was important to start to include our other divisions Geotechnical Exploration Services and the Drilling team memebers for a future project which we will be starting soon in Stronsay.”

We have also continued our experiment with eLearning, with Train4Academy. This is still an effective form of training, for any of our team members spending a short time in the yard and has proved to be successful.

December will continue to be a busy time for training, with several candidates starting NVQ L2 Plant & Operations Telehandler, NVQ L2 Land Drilling & BDA Audits.



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