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Borehole decommissioning

Borehole Engineering Services – Borehole Decommissioning for London School of Economics When a borehole or well is no longer needed it should be decommissioned as […]

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The earth contains over a trillion billion litres of water, so how can we be running out? Did you know that over 97% of the [...] Read More

What are soakaway boreholes?

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Soakaway & Boreholes Soakaways The other day a prospective client contacted Drilcorp and said “I need a hole to get rid of water off my site. […]

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Water wells – Borehole Users Conference 2015

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On the 28th October 2015 Drilcorp Ltd attended Borehole Users Conference held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, East Midlands Airport. The conference targeted an audience […]

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Water borehole companies  – Large Diameter Reverse Circulation (Flush) Drilling During the construction of a borehole, strata being penetrated needs transporting to the surface. There […]

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Water Well Drilling - How to reduce your utility costs
Water Well Drilling - How to reduce your utility costs Did you know that mains water is not your only source of water supply? More [...] Read More
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Water Borehole report for country home buyers.

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Water Borehole report for country home buyers. There are many properties in rural areas without mains water; these could run cost effectively on water borehole [...] Read More
borehole pumps uk

Authorised Specialist Grundfos Dealers | Borehole Pumps Drilcorp Ltd and Borehole Engineering Services, a division of Drilcorp, are now specialist Grundfos dealers and we are […]

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Borehole Engineering Services

Borehole Remediation and CCTV Survey

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Borehole Engineering Services was recently awarded a contract to repair problems that had developed on a public water supply borehole in the Somerset region. The [...] Read More
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Water Well Drillers - Refurbishment for Public Utility Water Supply Company Borehole Engineering Services were called upon by their Regional PLC Public Water Supply Company [...] Read More
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