What is the British Drilling Association?

The British Drilling Association are the UK trade association for those who drill holes in the ground, manufacture / supply drilling rigs & equipment, or supply services to the geotechnical and ground investigation industry.

Their members cover  such things as: ground investigation; mineral exploration; water-well activities; ground consolidation; quarry drilling; geothermal drilling; directional drilling; ground anchors; piling; laboratory testing; training; specialist insurance services; geotechnical consultancy; drilling rig & equipment supply.

Drilcorp have been a member of the British Drilling Association since incorporation in 1992 and this month Scott Burt, Drilcorp’s Contracts Manager for their ‘Geotechnical Engineering Services’ has been successfully accepted as a new member of the BDA Management committee.

Each new member makes the British Drilling Association even more representative of the drilling industry and a step closer to presenting the aims and motives of the entire drilling industry, as well as being able to project its voice on the wider construction stage.

Scott attended his first event on the 27th of March titled, ‘Land Drilling Training day’ which was held at held at The Castle Gate Hotel in Newcastle. The seminar started with a bacon buttie and a little bit of networking with numerous professionals in the industry.  Presentations were then held on a wide variety of topics from a number of industry experts. The topics included:

Training and NVQ’s Developments for a Career in Drilling (Peter Redford – Past BDA Chair)

Digital Borehole Logs, The Future (Keith Banton – BDA)

A Driller’s Focus on Health & Safety (Jon Christie – Chair, BDA Safety Committee)

Drilling Bit Technology (Chris White – Rockbit Ltd)

Drilling Mud Technology (Mike Massey – Clear Solutions Ltd)

Scott Burt quoted, “it was a good day and I’m enthusiastic with the ideas from the BDA going forward.  It was tremendous to meet such a nice bunch of professionals in the industry.  I’m also extremely excited that I will be representing Drilcorp in the industry via this valuable channel of communication”

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