Borehole upgrade Scotland for Global Drinks Manufacturer

Borehole Engineering Services (BES) was contacted by a Global drinks manufacturer to resolve some issues they had on site with one of their five water supply boreholes.

Problem: Failure of the borehole pump motor after six months’ continuous operation.

Source of failure: Motor failure identified as a power supply issue; new ABB drive was fitted and the power supply to the pump house checked.

History: The borehole had not seen any overhauls for at least 10 years.  The riser pipe was a mixture of Boreline & Wellmaster 6” diameter with a setting depth of 200m.

The riser had been removed in 2011 by (BES). At this time it was identified that it was stretched over the recommended tolerance and a replacement was required to prevent a failure.

Upgrade: In  May 2017 our client contracted us to remove the failed borehole motor from the borehole and in doing so replace the riser which was at the end of its life.

A new 37kw motor and power cable was procured for the works and a new 6” ZSM riser pipe was sourced from Germany

Two days before the components where due for delivery our engineers removed the riser and pump from the borehole. The riser was disposed of and the motor removed from the pump ready for the new components

There was a geophysical log carried out on the borehole along with a CCTV survey. The CCTV failed to show good visibility, due to the iron being present in the borehole.

The headworks were sent back to our workshop in Co Durham, where it was overhauled and brought up to modern day standards.

It was recommended that the new riser pipe not be installed to its full 200m depth due to the borehole not being straight.  The new setting depth was 100m, saving the client money on material.

The new equipment was installed into the borehole using a 35-ton city crane.  Power was restored to the pump and water sent from the borehole into the production process.

The client was very satisfied.





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